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For the best possible reproduction of color, shadows, gradients, and details, only Baryta-coated fine art paper is used. This special coating is composed of a barium sulfate compound, and offers a pure, even white, and beautifully textured printing surface. This coating is as important as the white balance and color of the image itself, offering an accuracy and consistency unmatched by other printable mediums. A throwback to the days of darkroom printing, baryta-based papers offer a special look and feel often lost in modern inkjet prints. Lending to the premium feel and durability of the prints, we only use heavy-weight, fiber-based, acid and lingen-free paper. The standard unit for the measure of the weight of paper is grams per square meter, or gsm. Compared to standard inkjet photo paper at 250gsm, the paper we use in-house rates at over 300gsm, and is among the heaviest paper available for printing. The weight of the paper is important, as heavier papers resist the curl and warping that can cause unwanted reflections on framed images. This "cost is no object" approach to materials ensures that each print truly is an investment, and with proper handling and presentation, one that can be enjoyed for generations.



Prints available on this site are offered in a standard size for ease of framing and presentation. The dimensions of the paper and image area are the same for the US and EU, however they are displayed separately here to reflect local measurements. These prints are open edition, signed on the front, and signed, dated, and named on verso. Each image includes a signed certificate of authenticity to establish provenence as needed. Large format (image area 36" x 54" on 44" x 62" paper) prints are available in extremely limited runs of 12 per image, and are usually available only through a gallery. As each edition draws to a close, the price of these large format prints will increase. Please contact us directly for pricing and availability of large format prints. For prints available through this site, the dimensions are:




Paper Size: 13" x 19"

Image Area: 11.5" x 17.5"



Paper Size: 329mm x 483mm

Image Area: 292mm x 445mm



Our standard print size is chosen specifically for use with off-the-shelf framing solutions. Mat board and frames for prints of these dimensions are available ready-made at many national retailers, which can mean significant savings over larger sized prints that require custom made frames. The color of mat and frame can dramatically alter the appearance of a print. In gerenal, fine art prints are best presented in a simple, solid wood, solid color frame with a slightly off-white mat. As a rule, the width mat should be thicker than the frame, usually by 2:1 a ratio. It is recommended to seek the advice of a professional framing store if you have any questions about how to best present your print, and protect your investment.



For storage, and until framed, it is recommended to keep the print rolled in the glassine paper, and stored in the original shipping tube. For longest life and best color, avoid direct sunlight, and present prints behind museum-quality, UV-protective glass. Dust with a dry, lint-free cloth only.



Prints are shipped rolled, wrapped in acid-free, ph-neutral, unbuffered glassine paper. This specialized paper protects the print surface in storage, and prevents damage in shipping. All prints are shipped in tubes, which offer the most protective method of shipping and storage available. It is recommended that prints are kept stored in the tube until ready to frame, to prevent any unnecessary opportunity for handling damage. Turnaround time on all orders is approximately one week, to allow for printing, packaging, and shipping. Customers can expect their print to arrive at their door within two weeks of the order date.


Upon arrival, carefully inspect your print for damage. We want each customer to be 100% satisfied with their investment. If there is any damage from shipping, contact us immediately to arrange a return and reprint. After 30 days, we reserve the right to refuse replacement, as it could no longer be possible to verify wether damage occured in shipping or by improper handling. 

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