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“I have always been inspired by the surreal and the abstract. I take great pleasure in creating a world that is 100% real, and yet is a world that doesn’t exist, at least not as we can see it.”


Paul Andrew Dunker (b. 1983) is an award winning American fine-art photographer, known for surreal landscape images that are presented as extremely limited, large-format prints. A native of Michigan, Paul has lived and traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe. While living in Los Angeles, California, Paul got his start doing lifestyle and event photography for fashion and PR companies. His editorial work has been published in the Los Angeles Times, US Magazine, Lucky Magazine, and more; his creative works have been featured in magazines, books, and galleries around the world.


Upon moving to Charleston, South Carolina in the summer of 2013, Paul made the decision to leave the world of commercial photography, and to pursue his passion for fine art. Inspired by the vast beauty and raw power of the sea, much of Paul’s work explores the relationship between land, sea, and sky. His ongoing series STRAND and ADRIFT display a consistency of vision and technique, and yet reflect the unique features of each landscape he visits. By employing specialized filters, Paul captures several minutes in a single exposure, revealing hidden beauty in the movement of water and clouds. Each image is a visual meditation, inviting the viewer to leave the noise of modern life and to enter a world of calm and beauty. 


In the fall of 2015, Paul moved to the French countryside, where he continues to create new work.

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